The stars come out to shine in Arkaroola

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary is perhaps best known for its location in the spectacularly rugged northern Flinders Ranges and a ridgetop tour that leaves visitors with goosebumps from its breathtaking views.

But not many people realise that Arkaroola also provides visitors with an opportunity to take an incredible tour of a different kind…one with views that are literally out of this world.

And that’s because Arkaroola is home to one of Australia’s largest privately-owned astronomical observatory complexes that promises the type of intergalactic experience normally reserved for professional astronomers and scientists.

Guests will be fascinated to discover the heavens filled with galaxies, solar systems, suns, planets, nebulas, and billions of stars light years away…from the inside of the impressive Dodwell, Sir Mark Oliphant, and Reginald Sprigg Observatories, all of which house specialist astronomical telescopes. The Reginald Sprigg Observatory, in particular, provides visitors with access to three Star Chairs, each of which is fitted with powerful 20×80 astronomical binoculars — computer or manually controlled. (Currently unavailable due to technical reasons)

Boasting clear, open skies with minimal light and atmospheric pollution, Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges is blessed with some of the best astronomical viewing conditions in the Southern Hemisphere. The nearest town is Leigh Creek, some 135 km to the west, and the Sanctuary has taken steps to ensure that Village lighting is of a type that doesn’t add to light pollution. It has also adopted a Dark Skies Policy that ensures the night skies remain unpolluted by local bright white light for years to come.

The Arkaroola Observatory Tour is a ‘must-do’ while travelling The Outback Loop. Plan a visit and discover views of our galaxy that would even impress Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise.