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What is The Outback Loop®?

The Outback Loop® is a vast region in the far north east of South Australia and south-west Queensland, where travellers can experience the astonishing and contrasting beauty of Australia’s desert zone.

Stretching from Parachilna in the south to Birdsville in the north, and Mt Dare in the west to Innamincka in the east, the area includes a diverse range of environments including sandy and stony deserts, floodplains, mountain ranges, and wetlands.

Incorporating three iconic outback tracks – Birdsville, Strzelecki, and Oodnadatta – The Outback Loop invites travellers to explore this unique region, including the towns, characters, history, stories, and the extraordinary attractions that combine to create a part of Australia few others have experienced.

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The Outback Loop® Itineraries

The Outback Loop® can be classified into three main loops.

1. The Full Loop

Parachilna to Arkaroola, Innamincka, Birdsville, Dalhousie Springs/Mt Dare, Oodnadatta, William Creek, Marree, Parachilna

2. The Birdsville/Innamincka Loop

Parachilna, Arkaroola, Innamincka, Birdsville, Marree, Parachilna

3. The Oodnadatta/Birdsville Loop

Marree, Birdsville, Dalhousie Springs/Mt Dare, Oodnadatta, William Creek, Marree

Naturally, you can start and finish wherever you like and, of course, you don’t have to do an entire loop – just what appeals to you.

You can even create mini loops if you like. Talk to a local for the best and most interesting routes.

How much time should you allow to 'Do The Outback Loop®'?

The word hectic doesn’t exist in the outback.

If you’re keen on driving much of The Outback Loop®, take it easy and allow plenty of time. It’s not something that can be done in a couple of days; you need to plan on spending a couple of weeks to appreciate this stunning area.

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