What is The Outback Loop®?

The Outback Loop® is a vast region in the far north east of South Australia and south-west Queensland, where travellers can experience the astonishing and contrasting beauty of Australia’s desert zone.

Stretching from Parachilna in the south to Birdsville in the north, and Mt Dare in the west to Innamincka in the east, the area includes a diverse range of environments including sandy and stony deserts, floodplains, mountain ranges, and wetlands.

Incorporating three iconic outback tracks – Birdsville, Strzelecki, and Oodnadatta – The Outback Loop invites travellers to explore this unique region, including the towns, characters, history, stories, and the extraordinary attractions that combine to create a part of Australia few others have experienced.

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The Outback Loop® Traveller's Comments

It's unique, it's untouched, it's incredible. There are so many words that you can use to describe the area. Everyone will have a different opinion on it. Just be prepared to be amazed. That's the thing. Be prepared for an experience.

Andrew Kennedy

Adelaide — Australia On Track

It [Birdsville Hotel] immediately feels welcoming. There's a lot of smiles, and people always keen to share their stories and experiences. There's so much chatting between different groups of people who have never met each other before. They might be quite different people: grey nomads, tradies, locals, travellers, photographers, writers, etc. People will talk to anybody in that bar, it's fantastic.

Michael Haines

Adelaide — Photographer

And honestly, you lie back on your camp chair and look up and you can see satellites going across, shooting stars, and the Milky Way is milky. It’s absolutely breathtaking, it really is breathtaking. And I never get sick of that. I never tire of that one little bit. Because there’s no radiant light from the ground, there’s no buildings and lights anywhere, so it’s just fantastic.

Steve Brown

Adelaide — Chiropractor (retired)

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