Stories from the Outback

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Our Trek to Birdsville in 1987

Story submitted by Richard van Dijk and edited by the Outback Loop. In 1987, American expats Richard and Vivien van Dijk wanted to have truly Australian experiences during their…

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Working Holiday Opportunities: Jobs on The Outback Loop

Several venues on the Outback Loop are looking for new team members in preparation for the exciting winter visitor season A working holiday in the Outback could be the…

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The Outback in 2020

When the world closed down in 2020 and the roads were locked around us, the outback felt more remote than ever. But we’re no strangers to hard times and…

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Welcome back to The Outback Loop

The Loop is very much open for business We hope you’re ready to plan your trip around the Loop! Whether it’s your first trip around or you already feel…

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What pulls you back to the Outback?

What pulls you back to the Outback? Cameraman, editor, film producer, director…there’s not much Andrew Kennedy hasn’t done in his remarkable 40-year career in Adelaide’s film and television industry.…

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A Lifetime of Outback Adventures

A Lifetime of Outback Adventures Steve Brown first fell in love with The Outback Loop as a small kid. He and his two siblings piled into the back of…

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And honestly, you lie back on your camp chair and look up and you can see satellites going across, shooting stars, and the Milky Way is milky. It’s absolutely breathtaking, it really is breathtaking. And I never get sick of that. I never tire of that one little bit. Because there’s no radiant light from the ground, there’s no buildings and lights anywhere, so it’s just fantastic.
Steve Brown, Adelaide