Welcome back to The Outback Loop

The Loop is very much open for business

We hope you’re ready to plan your trip around the Loop! Whether it’s your first trip around or you already feel right at home on our big red tracks, you will be blown away by your adventure through Australia’s heartland.

How did COVID-19 affect travel to the Outback?

Across Australia, we’ve all taken a few hits this year.

The Outback has always been bigger than all of us so in some ways we’re accustomed to isolation, lack of control, and economic and social challenges for our communities.

We’re a resilient set, but many of us have keenly felt the toll of our remote locations, years of drought, and difficult decisions made in the best interests of our loved ones and livelihoods.

How does this affect travellers?

A few businesses have decided to close down for the season or may have different opening hours, so it’s best to call ahead or check their website before you arrive.

You will find that some safety guidelines apply in venues and accommodation. Supplies can occasionally be affected, and many of us are operating with a few less hands on deck.

If your favourite beer isn’t on tap or your wait is a little longer than usual, your understanding is very much appreciated. We will be thrilled to see you walk in the door and we’re all doing our best to offer the warm Outback experience that you come to us for.

All of the best parts about your Outback adventure are still here.

Spectacular scenery, friendly faces, and a beer at one of your favourite outback pubs; we’ve just got a bit more elbow room this year!