Cruising the Cooper Creek

If you think a cruise on a creek in the middle of the desert sounds whacky, you’re in for a treat if you visit Innamincka…especially right now that the recent Queensland rains are steadily making down Cooper Creek towards Lake Eyre.

The Innamincka Hotel offers sunset Cooper Creek cruises aboard their passenger tinny, ‘Kingfisher’, where guests can relax with drinks and canapés while your guide explains some of the more fascinating aspects of the Cooper Creek and the Innamincka Regional Reserve.

The 1½hr sunset cruise will leave you captivated as you meander along the creek past towering gums and take in the stunning birdlife, spot the occasional inquisitive animal on the banks, and be amazed at the variety of flora along this surprisingly serene waterway.

Then, as the last light fades and the boat pulls into the bank, marvel at the campfires that pop up along the riverbanks like fireflies and the peace is broken by crackling fires, chatty campers, noisy insects, and overly enthusiastic Yellowbelly leaping from the water.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, this is truly an experience to be cherished.

If you fall into the category of the more fit and adventurous, the Innamincka Hotel also hires kayaks so you can take in the beautiful Cooper at your own leisure at any time of the day.