Stories from the Outback

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6 Things To Do In Leigh Creek

If you’ve reached Leigh Creek, it’s likely that you’re right in the midst of your Outback adventure through South Australia’s Far North. Nestled in the hills of the Northern…

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Family friendly activities on the Outback Loop

Had enough of beach getaways with the kids? Looking for something a little more adventurous? Dotted with sites and attractions, wildlife and ancient landscapes, there are plenty of family-friendly…

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A Guide to the Best Silo Art Locations in the Outback Loop

Silo art tours are the new Outback road trips Everyone loves a road trip. Driving along beautiful roads to some of Australia’s most remote towns is an exhilarating adventure…

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6 Incredible Outback Ecotourism Experiences

Ecotourism in Australia isn’t only possible in our rainforests and amongst coral reefs! In the Outback, we are proud to see more and more ecotourism certified experiences popping up,…

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Our Trek to Birdsville in 1987

Story submitted by Richard van Dijk and edited by the Outback Loop. In 1987, American expats Richard and Vivien van Dijk wanted to have truly Australian experiences during their…

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Working Holiday Opportunities: Jobs on The Outback Loop

A working holiday in the Outback could be the adventure you didn’t know you needed. What is it like to work on the Outback Loop? Working in remote areas…

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And honestly, you lie back on your camp chair and look up and you can see satellites going across, shooting stars, and the Milky Way is milky. It’s absolutely breathtaking, it really is breathtaking. And I never get sick of that. I never tire of that one little bit. Because there’s no radiant light from the ground, there’s no buildings and lights anywhere, so it’s just fantastic.
Steve Brown, Adelaide