Outback Events for your 2022 Calendar

Outback Events for your 2022 Calendar

When you think of the Outback, you probably think of dusty roads and dramatic landscapes. Well, think again adventurers! Australia’s Outback is packed with a lot more than red dirt. Out here under the hot midday sun and the dark night skies, there’s a whole lot of music to bop to, bush foods to sample, beer to savour and friendly people to chat with. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about Outback events and festivals!

Events and festivals the Outback way

The Outback might not be the world’s best known events destination but we certainly put on a good bash. Whilst Covid-19 may have put a damper on our events calendar for a couple years, a number of them are back in full force in 2022 and ready to show you a good time. Attend the most remote festival in the world, or perhaps one dedicated to bush food. Events out here are quintessentially Outback and you’ve never experienced anything like them.

So plan your trip, book your tickets and make your way here. Join us in 2022 and make the pilgrimage to an Outback festival. Here are five events you might like to attend this year!

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Birdsville Big Red Bash

Big Red Bash is an excellent choice of festival for those seeking a vibrant atmosphere. In 2022, this Birdsville festival is going to be big and we can’t wait! Under the skies of Australia’s Simpson Desert - literally surrounded by nothing but wide open spaces - Big Red Bash will have you reveling in an Outback aura amongst thousands of people from around Australia. Whether you are hopping on a plane or taking the car, your adventure is bound to be an epic one. Camp under the stars and dance in the desert by night, then enjoy activities all day with your friends or family. Will you be joining us?

Quondong Festival

Foodies, listen up! There’s a food festival in the Outback that’s calling your name. Celebrating bush foods, botanicals and sustainable living, Quondong Festival in Quorn will be held on the 6th of August 2022. Quondong Festival brings together not only chefs and growers but academics, scientists and authors, all with an interest in bush foods and sustainability. This Outback event is held each year to foster higher rates of innovation amongst the local economy and to build drought resilience. Through educational workshops, culinary experiences and family activities, you’ll learn a little and enjoy a lot! So, if you’re craving some kakadu plum, some quondong or some finger lime, you know where to find it.

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Rock the Ranges

The name Rock the Ranges is pretty self explanatory. Hosting rock music and bands from across the country, this Outback event only ten minutes from Quorn is all the rage for local residents. On-site camping, plenty of food trucks and all the music you could dream of can be found right here in October 2022. The merriment starts on Friday night and starts up again on Saturday - so stay for the whole weekend!

The Outback Car Trek

Car fans take note - it’s not only about music, food and drink at Outback events. Since 1990, the Outback Car Trek has been holding car treks and has donated $32,000,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service! The Trek is well known as the premier Charity Car Rally in rural Australia today. In 2022, the event will be held from the 4th - 11th June and everyone is welcome to enter! Rev your engines car fans, this is an event you have to attend at least once in your lifetime!

Mundi Mundi Bash

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new Outback bash in town! As Australia’s newest Outback music festival, Broken Hill Mundi Mundi Bash is brought to you by the same iconic producers of Birdsville Big Red Bash. Popping off in front of the beautiful Barrier Ranges, this new Outback event can be accessed only 35km outside of Broken Hill on sealed roads, making it super easy to get to. Once you arrive, sit back and let the stellar line up lead the way. Throughout the afternoon and evening, enjoy the sounds of Aussie music, before heading back to your tent or campervan under the star studded Outback sky. This just might be an adventure of a lifetime, and if you attend this year, you could experience it before everyone else in Australia.

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The Outback Loop

We know what you’re thinking; is there anything the Outback can’t do? Hosting a number of events throughout the year, our ancient land is a holiday destination for just about anyone! Family and friend groups will find tickets for anything they like and we’re pretty sure they’ll come running back in 2023.

After dropping into an Outback event this year, let The Outback Loop help you uncover Australia. We live and breathe all things Outback. Take a helping hand from us as we help you navigate our big red deserts and locate the best bits, remote towns and cultural spots. For more information, check out our map.